Primary Care, Auto Accidents, and MAT

I was born next to Highway 421 in Leslie County, KY in 1960.  My father taught high school for 30 years and worked the summers in Ohio, as well for the railroad department.  He also repaired electronics and ran a small store.  My mother was legally blind all her life and completely blind for many years.  My sister became a pharmacist at age 21.  My sister and I were both Valedictorians in high school and consistently had the best test scores.

I played in the band and played sports in high school and college.   I was my school’s first John Philip Sousa band award winner and took piano performance in college.  I received a degree in Chemistry from Transylvania University and an MD medical degree from the University of Louisville. My medical board scores, the test that all doctors take for licensure, was top 10%   From there, I was director of one hospital, two nursing homes and several Emergency departments.  I practiced emergency medicine for about 10 years before working at Christian Cardiology in Manchester and then opening my office in London, Kentucky in 2000.   I worked for the department or Disability one day a week for 10 years from and completed about 5000 legal evaluations for workman’s Comp.  I have testified roughly 1000 times.

Currently I work Monday and Tuesdays in London and work elsewhere two days a week.   I treat various issues from skin, heart and drug addictions.

My hobbies include song writing and music and dog training for a sport that includes tracking, obedience and protection.  My young dog was Doberman national champion in the sport this year and I we are possibly the first Breeder Owner Handler Trainer 3-year-old winner.