Primary Care

We have a multiple primary care providers with walk ins welcome. We offer A1C, Flu, COVID-19, Infectious mononucleosis (mono), RSV, Strep, and fecal testing in office. Our primary care services cover a range of prevention, wellness, and treatment for common illnesses.


Dental Care

We are one of the dental  providers in Laurel County that accept Medicaid and Medicare advantages plans along with most private insurances.  We provide cleanings, deep cleanings, restorations, root canals, crowns, and consults for dentures.


Pediatrics & Vaccine VFC Program

We have a dedicated pediatric team to provide quality care to your child, from newborn to young adult. We also participate in VFC vaccine program through the state of KY.


Behavioral Health Care & Addiction Recovery

Behavioral health includes the emotions and behaviors that affect your overall well-being. Behavioral health is sometimes called mental health and often includes substance use. Just like physical health, behavioral health has trained providers who can help you much like a physical health care provider would.


Physical Therapy & Auto Accidents Rehab

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, may include certain exercises, massages and treatments based on physical stimuli (e.g. heat, cold, electrical currents or ultrasound). The aim of physical therapy is to relieve pain, help you move better or strengthen weakened muscles.

X-Rays & Lab Tests

For your convenience, x-rays and laboratory tests are completed inside of Hoskins Medical Center on Monday through Friday. No appointment is needed. We have onsite laboratory testing which include taking samples of blood, urine, or body tissues.